Baby Shane's Vintage Modern Nursery Tour July 09 2016, 0 Comments

Pierre Paulin Chair Baby Bjorn Nursery Design Art for Kids Interior Design

We were invited into 7 week old Baby Shane's beautiful home by his parents, Alison and Faiz, to take a tour of his nursery and how they designed the space. Their style is a mix of vintage and modern pieces that carry through a color palette of plum, whites, greys with mediterranean blue, avocado, orange accents. 

The Living Room Sets the Tone

When we walk into their home, we get a feel for the couple's sense of style and colour. Above the fireplace, is a painting by Rowell Newton Bowles. Classic and iconic the Little Globe chair, designed by Pierre Paulin in 1959 for the Dutch furniture manufacturer Artifort, stands opposite of Baby Shane chilling in his Baby Bjorn bouncer balance chair. His mom purchased the beautifully hand made carpet on a trip to Morocco. 


ednas room

A Vintage Modern Nursery

We love the feeling of calm when we step into Baby Shane's nursery. Soft accents from the living room's color palette carry through to the nursery. There is also an element of fun added in with pops of bright color from pieces around the room.

The modern crib has a natural wood finish that contrasts beautifully with the white edges. The baby change table is converted from a vintage dresser that Alison's mother stencilled in avocado and mediterranean blue, reminiscent of the watercolor painting by Rowell Newton Bowles in the living room.

A diaper genie is placed off to the side of the change table but within close reach making for easy changes throughout the day (and night).


Art display shelf Elephant by Anne Luxton and collectiblesBaby announcement hand painted ceramic tile 

Art and Keepsakes Shelf

A shelf is centered above the change table and baby's crib. Creating a sense of balance and cohesion between the two larger furniture pieces.

The artwork featured on the shelf is Anne Luxton's Elephant, Fine Art Print from, a gift she received at her baby shower. This piece is extra special to Alison, because her best friend is the artist's daughter. They grew up together in Southwestern Ontario before moving to Toronto.

There are also some vintage keepsakes on the shelf such as Alison's hand painted birth announcement on a framed ceramic tile. On the other side of the fine art print is a black and white photograph of Alison's father, Shane, when he was about 10 years old, who the baby was named after.


Vintage Modern Nursery Baby Room George Nelson Bubble Lamp

A Calming Place to Nurse

The modern grey with white piping wingback glider sits beside the window where the natural light comes in. Grey triangle decals create a patterned feature wall behind it. 

The round side table is an antique given by Alison's mother. A Canadian pine antique bench sits in the corner as a book stand. Above it, a painting hangs on the wall, painted by Faiz and Alison's nephew, who is 3, with his nanny.

Edna's Room Nursery Artwork Bird

Alpaca Argentina Charm  Curious George H.A. Rey Baby Shower Gift

Pops of color

In the window hangs a souvenir baby Shane's grandparents bought when travelling to Argentina. It is handmade of felt and knitted wool and adds bright colours; pinks blues, greens and oranges that shine through the soft light of the window's pull down shade.


Monkey Crib Storage Interior Design Nursery Design


Every nursery needs storage. A grey whale laundry bin and mouse storage caddy are cute solutions that keep nursing accessories within arm's reach and all those little baby clothes out of sight when they've been worn.


Baby shane newborn photo

Enda's Room Limited Edition Print Elephant

Baby Shower Gifts 

Alison was given some lovely shower gifts. The monkey hanging on the crib was given as a gift with a Curious George book. 

Art makes a wonderful shower gift for someone special, such as Anne Luxton's Elephant framed Fine Art Print.

Black & white art cards keep babies enthralled by their high contrast designs. Babies only see black, white and shades of grey when they are first born.

Little toes fit into these adorable Canadian made minimocs and little rabbit rattle were given at her baby shower. 



Product Collage edna's room art for babies, children

Sources for Baby Shane’s nursery

The Nursery Collage

1 • Mon Bebe Everston Modern Wingback Glider

2 • Shiver Penguin by Jelly Cat

3 • Pendant George Nelson Bubble Lamps

4 • Mouse Storage Caddy by 3 Sprouts

5 • Anne Luxton’s Elephant Framed Fine Art Print

6 • Whale laundry basket by TM Designs

7 • Baby Bjorn Original Carrier

8 • Baby Letto Lolly 3 in 1 Convertible Crib

9 • Baby Bjorn Bouncer Balance Soft (Grey/Rust Cotton) 

10 • Olli & Lime Triangle Wall Decals (Grey) 

Additional Sources:

Living Room

Little Globe Chair by Pierre Paulin 

Moroccan handmade carpet


Carter’s Zoo Garden Fitted Crib Sheet

Change table Converted Vintage dresser hand stencilled  

Picture Shelf West Elm, Deep Picture Ledge

Diaper Genie

Pops of Color

Alpaca hanging pendant from Argentina

Curious George Original Book

Baby Shower Gifts

Anne Luxton’s Elephant Framed Fine Art Print

Wee Gallery Art Cards For Baby

Baby Moccasins by Minimoc

Fidoodle Rabbit Rattle by Mini Mioche

Mommy & Baby Shane 

Aden and Anais Silky Soft Swaddle

Original Photography by Kelly Kirkpatrick & Annie Duong (Bird Painting, Alpaca Pendant, Art Cards for Baby)

Newborn photo by Alison Curry




Introducing a New Painting Series by Prashant Miranda May 10 2016, 1 Comment

We are so happy to announce the addition of three new original paintings, created exclusively for edna's room, the contemporary art gallery for babies, children and the young at heart.

Artist Prashant Miranda invites us on a journey into three magical landscapes of incredible detail featuring luscious plant life, friendly animals and vibrant colours that are sure to engage a child's imagination. The three beautiful paintings are made with watercolor, ink and acrylic paint on paper. 

Each painting features a unique and whimsical ecosystem, where we encounter animals in wild and flourishing natural settings; a forest, a pond and the edge a jungle. Prash calls the paintings Boreal Revelations, My Tropical Boudoir and Tropical Conversations and each features stars sparkling in the skies above, making the night time scenes able to keep a child company as they fall to sleep.

Boreal Revelations watercolor painting by Prashant Miranda art for children edna's room bear fish rabbit bunny deer woodland

Boreal Revelations, Original Artwork is 11 x 11" $450 USD (above), features a bear in overalls who's caught a fish, a monarch butterfly, an onlooking deer and cottontail rabbit amongst colorful wild flowers, oak trees, maple leaves, hostas and evergreen trees.

My Tropical Boudoir watercolor painting by Prashant Miranda art for children tiger frog dragonfly bird edna's room

My Tropical Boudoir, Original Artwork is 11 x 11" $450 USD (above), features a tiger peering through the brush and tropical plant life that surrounds a pond filled with lily pads, lotus flowers and wild flowers. The onlookers, dragonfly, bird and frog all look at the expressive tiger and wonder what he will do next.

Tropical Conversations watercolor painting by Prashant Miranda featuring tiger stork bird elephant edna's room

Tropical Conversations, Original Artwork is 11 x 11" $450 USD (above), features butterflies, birds, a tiger and an elephant wearing spectacles on the edge of a jungle with palm trees, hanging vines, flowers and trees.

Prash's vibrantly coloured watercolours are accented with deep blacks in acrylic paint that give richness to the pieces. He has created sophisticated compositions that would be a wonderful addition to a child's bedroom. All of the details of nature, wildlife and plants are sure to engage a child's imagination allowing them escape into a new world or keep a child company as they fall to sleep.

We also have affordable limited edition prints of Boreal Revelations, My Tropical Boudoir and Tropical Conversations available unframed or with custom framing on paper sizes 8 x 10", 11 x 14", 16 x 20" and 20 x 24". 

To learn more about Prashant Miranda, see our artist's page or follow his blog here.


Once upon a time... February 29 2016, 5 Comments

edna's room art for kids playroom anne luxton giraffe and elephant fine art prints

Image: Children's playroom with fine art prints, Giraffe and Elephant by Anne Luxton

welcome to edna's room
Our fairytale begins with our first blog post to let you know we are open for business, after a great deal of blood, sweat and tears (but who's counting). We are an online art gallery featuring contemporary art for babies, children and the young at heart, called In edna's room, you'll find a selection of original artwork made by real artists that we have carefully curated for children's spaces; whether you are designing a baby nursery, a child's bedroom or children's playroom. 

Mom and baby edna's room art for kids

Image: Me with my mom, before she became an art historian

why art for babies and children?

I was encouraged to be creative at a young age by my own mother who is a successful art historian and consultant for corporate and private collectors.

I grew up with different works of art coming and going from my house. My sisters and I would laugh at huge nudes in my basement because the man was "naked!", artists would drop off different pottery pieces that we were not allowed to go ANYWHERE near in case they'd break.

As children, my mother would rush us into contemporary art galleries and shows. I remember hurrying in a cab to the Art Institute Chicago. We arrived 15 minutes before closing (which was past the entry deadline) and she convinced the staff to let us run in because "I just need my daughter to see Andy Warhol's Mao, that's it." As we ran through the gallery, she told me about the significance of the piece and why it was so important. The scale and power of Warhol's majestic silkscreen took my breath away. 

Andy Warhol Mao 1973 edna's room art for kids
Image: Andy Warhol, Mao,
1973 Art Institute Chicago


inspiration for edna's room
After I had my first daughter, I started thinking about the world differently. I quickly appreciated my mother for all the values she instilled in us, especially that of creativity. I wanted my daughter to grow up being surrounded by art and to give her some of the same exposure to art and creative expression I was so lucky to have as a child. When we live in a world of mass production and where such commodities are valued for profits rather than the craft or creation itself, it is hard to go against the grain. I knew then that I wanted to create ​e​dna's r​oom – a place that would allow children to be surrounded by original art, by real artists who have expressed themselves in a way that will inspire a child.

As an adult and new mother, I started thinking about how in my life before children, whenever I travelled, after trying the local cuisine, the first place I would go is a modern art gallery to get in touch with the local culture and see how artists there represent their story. I realized how rich these experiences are and I'm so happy the exposure to art through my upbringing is what created this pattern of curiosity in the world.

Kelly Kirkpatrick with her second daughter edna's room art for kids

My second baby and I, from our About Us page Photo credit: Richard Sibbald 

designing a nursery
The idea came to me when I was pregnant with my second daughter and I was finally getting around to decorate my eldest daughter's nursery who was only 9 months old. Her crib was in our room until she was just over 6 months old and with the shift to motherhood being quite overwhelming for me, frankly, I hadn't gotten around to creating a nursery yet. I wanted the room to be inspiring and unique and original and full of beautiful art and objects she could enjoy throughout her childhood.

I found it so hard to find this with the current choices of room decor. What I found was mass produced and limiting, all with the same aesthetic, pink and blue. If you wanted original art for children​, you really had to dig for it.

With my background in design from Ontario College of Art and Design, and from working with illustrators and photographers during my time art directing magazines, I began asking some of my artistic community if they'd like to create some work for the site. The enthusiasm was there, and word quickly spread. Now, we have a wonderfully diverse little group of textile artists and printmakers, oil and watercolor ​painters,​ and photographers.

I began to build and curate the site with works by real artists whom I either know personally or I've found along my journey. I've fallen in love with their work, and all the pieces that I've included can only be found on edna's room.

I'm hoping you enjoy the artwork featured on, please sign up for our newsletter, join us on facebook, pinterest, ​instagram or twitter ​and spread the word to anyone who may want to light up a child's life with original art.

I can't wait to hear your thoughts, 

Kelly Kirkpatrick