About Us

edna's room is an online art gallery dedicated to curating children's spaces. We believe that everything from small details to big artistic statements in a child's room encourage creativity and imagination for a lifetime.

For some of us, it may be a memory of the pattern on the floor or wallpaper design we got lost in. For others, a porcelain tiger figurine with whom we shared secret conversations at night. Or perhaps, a painting of a boat at sea which was ultimately our own passage to Narnia or a illustration of an owl whom we believed would deliver us the key to Hogwarts.

Whatever your memory of that special childhood space may be, we celebrate it and want to help you find the unique treasures for your own child's room. Art is our greatest asset and we want to share it.

Kelly Kirkpatrick 


After 15 years working as a graphic designer and award winning art director, Kelly got an itch to return to her roots. See, at 8, while most of her peers set up lemonade stands, Kelly's first job was drawing and crafting handmade cards for kids. Now, with children of her own Kelly has founded edna's room. She wants a place for artists to share their work for children's eyes only. Enjoy your visit!